Nuit Blanche WPG 2022

A guide for Nuit Blanche Winnipeg

September 24, 2022

Nuit Blanche Winnipeg 2022


About Nuit Blanche

Nuit Blanche is a magical time of year where downtown Winnipeg and surrounding areas turn into stages for local artists and curators. Wander downtown Winnipeg and explore different interactive exhibits, installations, and live performances. Nuit Blanche Winnipeg began in 2010 and has seen thousands of art enthusiasts and participants. These events are FREE to attend. and only last ONE NIGHT.

5 Tips to get the most out of Nuit Blanche

These are 5 tips to get the most out of your Nuit Blanche evening in Winnipeg.

1. Don’t drive—take a trolley.

Whatever you do, don’t drive to Nuit Blanche… Parking is an absolute joke downtown and you’ll most likely miss something while looking for a parking spot. Luckily, Nuit Blanche has trolley stations so you can bounce to and from festivities safely.

2. Setup a meetup spot in advance

Nuit Blanche is a hectic time for downtown Winnipeg. There will be thousands of people down there, especially after a two-year hiatus. Find a spot that’s not too busy that you and your friends can meet up before, during, and after the Nuit Blanche festivities. Ex. Across the street from Little Brown Jug.

3. Dress warm

Winnipeg is starting to get cold… Make sure you bring some extra layers to plan for any colder weather on the night of Nuit Blanche. The last thing you want is to be freezing your ass off while trying to enjoy the evening. Oh, and pack an umbrella!

4. Bring water

This doesn’t need much explanation, but bring water for the evening. Bottled water at vendors can get expensive and you may be out for quite a while.

5. See as much as you can

There are going to be many different kinds of installations, events, and performances to take in for Nuit Blanche in downtown Winnipeg—see as much as you can before the evening ends. It’s only one night, so make the most of it.

7 must-see Nuit Blanche installations


Bijou Park in the Market of the Exchange

“NÀEDA ; MOVE” is an interactive video installation meant to bring out the energy auras of the people. The experience flows through various colour schemes, themes, and digital experiments as the night progresses. Infrared, depth, and colour cameras take in information from the public, and through digital influence suggest the viewer to contribute through their presence.”

2. Kasuri

333 Waterfront Dr.

Suspended light-up sculpture.

3. Elucida: Biomaterials illuminate the night

Stephen Juba Park, 130 Galt Ave.

Wicked cool light setup along the bike path.

4. PanoptiBot II

Into the Music, 264 McDermot Ave

Awesome projection and monitor setup that allows participants to warp the projected appearance of their faces.

5. Fire Cycle

King St.

“Dancing trees call to you as Old Market Square becomes a glowing forest for Nuit Blanche.”

6. Please see me

The Forks Market (near canopy)

“Designed by Winnipeg-based artist Melanee Tessler, Please See Me is a powerful projection-based light installation that focuses on mental health.”

7. Ilumiskate the night

Market Avenue East Exchange

Giant light-up roller rink in the East Exchange. Bring your own skates!

4 Nuit Blanche parties

1. No Sleep late-night party

Little Brown Jug, 336 William Ave.

LBJ is closing down Hargrave street (right beside Little Brown Jug) for two nights of music, lights, and new seasonal beer tastings. They’ll also be hosting the “Moths to the Flame” event, a neat installation using light projections and transparent glass.

2. Berliner Fest

Kilter Brewing, 450 Rue Deschambault

New beer releases, live music, food vendors, and really pretty lights!

3. Looking Up

Nonsuch Brewing, 125 Pacific Ave.

Wicked light productions, new food from the kitchen, and a surprise beer release.

4. Beer Can’s Nuit Blanche

Gas Station Theatre Patio, 445 River Ave.

“Special performance by interdisciplinary superstar Eve Rice at 8pm. DJ JPQ presenting the finest in art crawl party jams. Additional acts to be announced in the coming days.”

5 must-see Nuit Blanche performances & events

1. The Fortune Parlour

Bijou Park in Market Square of the Exchange.

An interactive Fortune-telling parlour hosted by two drag queens, Madam Mortel and Sister Sylv’s.

2. Penumbra dance performance

Yewtopia, 87 King St.

Interactive dance performance with lights, shadows, and reflection. Use a flashlight to further immerse yourself in the performance.

3. The Pollination Ceremony

The Forks Market

A parade, nature documentary opera, and fertility rite to celebrate the awesomeness of bees!

4. The Death Trip

Sk8 Skates, 564 Main St.

A psychedelic sound and liquid light show.

5. Light at Night

Graffiti Gallery, 109 Higgins Ave.

Projections using both 16mm film loops and video on the outside of buildings around the Graffiti Gallery.

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