Gol’s Lanzhou Noodle

Delicious Noodle Bowls

Hand-pulled noodles

Inside Gol’s Lanzhou

Went in for one regular sized bowl of traditional beef Lanzhou and now I have food for the rest of the week 🤣 @golslanzhounoodle #wanderwinnipeg #winnipegmanitoba #fyp #thingstodo #winnipegtiktok #exploremb #winnipegfoodie

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Hand-pulled Noodles

When you dine at Gol’s Lanzhou you get some choices—so use your noodle to choose your noodles! Every noodle at Gol’s Lanzhou is hand-pulled with love—from the skinny guys to the T H I C C boys! Choose from 9 different noodle sizes to perfect your enormous meal.

1 – MaoXi – Round & thinnest

2 – Xi – Round & thin

3 – SanXi – Round & regular

4 – ErXi – Round & thick

5 – ErZhuZi – Round & thicker

6 – QiaoMoLin – Round & very thick

7 – JiuYe – Flat & thick

8 – ErKuan – Flat & very thick

9 – DaKuan – Very Flat & thickest.

Must-try Noodle Dishes

Traditional LanZhou hand-pulled beef noodle

Regular or Large | Choose your heat level
Noodles, sliced beef, beef broth, green onion, radish, cilantro, sesame seed, and chili oil.

I ordered a regular-sized bowl of traditional LanZhou hand-pulled beef noodles. I had enough to last me for lunch tomorrow—the order was plentiful and delicious. In total, it cost me around $14.00 for my bowl of noodles with an added egg. I’m definitely going to grab an appetizer the next time I go!

About Gol’s Lanzhou

Gol’s Noodle originated in China around 200-years ago! Six years ago, Gol’s Lanzhou brought their traditional hand-pulled, beef noodle recipe to Montreal, where they rapidly expanded throughout Canada.

Gol’s Lanzhou has operated in Winnipeg for at least a year and I don’t think they’re going anywhere!

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Hours & Location

2795 Pembina Hwy #1, R3T 2H5

Mon-Sun 11:30 AM–9:30 PM

Gol’s Lanzhou Noodle

(204) 261 – 0030

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