Pride Week Winnipeg

2022 Pride Week WPG

Pride Parade with UpHouse

Pride Parade info

When: Sunday, June 5

Time: 11 AM – 2 PM

Where: Downtown Winnipeg

A map of a the pride parade route

Pride Parade Route

The Pride parade will kick off with a rally held at the Legislature building in downtown Winnipeg.

Everything begins on Memorial Blvd. and then moves east down Portage Ave.

The march finishes down William Stephenson Way followed by “Pride in the Park” at The Forks.


#PrideWithUs is a campaign created by UpHouse aimed at inclusivity during Winnipeg’s Pride Week. Attending Pride can be intimidating, especially after a two-year hiatus.

UpHouse has made it easy to join the parade by offering a chance for people to join the float! Not much is known about the float yet, so check in tomorrow for an update.

*spoilers, it has mirrors and will be entry 6 in aisle C*

a screen shot of the UpHouse website
Screenshot from UpHouseInc
The UpHouse logo

About UpHouse

UpHouse is a queer-owned ad agency that operates out of downtown Winnipeg. Their ultra inclusive and progressive approach to advertising reflects in their final creative spots—it’s a much-needed breath of fresh air in marketing.

UpHouse is responsible for the latest campaign, “The good you deserve” for local brewery Little Brown Jug. You might’ve seen their billboard on Pembina Hwy, or their commercial while watching an NHL hockey game.


#PrideWithUs was such a wicked and inclusive pride parade float idea 💡@uphouseinc #Pride #fyp #winnipegmanitoba #wanderwinnipeg #pridemonth

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