Food Truck Wars

Three food trucks lined up in a park green and orange park setting.

2022 Food Truck Wars

THREE Must-stop Food Trucks

Event info

When: May 28/29, 2022

Where: Assiniboia Downs

Cost: $5 Entry

Must-stop #1: PVG’s Street Eats

Gourmet Hamburgers

PVG’s Street Eats is all about burgers! They even feature their popular “Le Burger Week” entry, “The Backcountry Burger”.

I opted for the Bru Burger—filled with a delicious bruschetta mix and lemon basil aioli. For such a big burger, it wasn’t that heavy!

Must-stop #2: Tamale Time

Crunchy Tostada

I haven’t eaten traditional Salvadoran since 2011 when I visited El Salvador, so you can imagine I was blown away.

I had never eaten tostada before, but man is it ever refreshing. the cucumber and cilantro together mix so nicely with the birria beef.

You can get the tostada made with beans or beef, so it’s up to you!

Traditionally Salvadoran

Eating pupusa brought me back to my trip to El Salvador. It tasted exactly the same as the last time I had it in 2011. Pupusas are delicious with or without meat, so this dish is friendly for everyone.

I put a bit of slaw on mine and folded it before eating.

Must-stop #3: The Churro Stop

Delicious Dessert

This food truck is a staple in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I honestly see it at most events, so it’s clear that Winnipeggers like their Spanish sweets.

Grab churros in a variety of flavours, from bavarian cream to dulce de leche, or just grab a classic sugar-coated churro and some raspberry dip for it!

This truck is the perfect stop for dessert after an entire day of eating.

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Event hours

May 28/29

Assiniboia Downs
3975 Portage Ave R3K 2E8
WINNIPEG, Manitoba
 (204) 885-3330

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