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It’s time to play, Winnipeg.

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I’ve been visiting Maxx Collectibles since 2002! As a kid, I often visited the store to grab the newest and latest trading cards or miniatures. I remember distinctly buying my entire collection of Star Wars miniatures from Maxx Collectibles in 2005/06.

Back in 05, the storefront was located on Portage Avenue, beside Sargent Sundae! Since then, the shop has relocated west on Cavalier Ave, right beside Sobey’s grocery store (map provided below).

Relive your nostalgia—it’s time to play, Winnipeg!

Huge comic book collection

Maxx Collectibles has a huge collection of comic books for sale in Winnipeg! Each week, they get the latest comic book staples from DC, Marvel, IDW, and Dark Horse.

They carry comic books featuring pretty much every superhero you could think of. They also carry a ton of niche comics from TV shows like Ren & Stimpy, Woodywood Pecker, TMNT and more.

Images taken from PixelBay

Collectible action figures

I’m not a toy collector, but my pal CarterCollects is! We were both impressed with the variety of action figures Maxx Collectibles has for sale. From superheroes like Spider-Man to super villains like… Scott Evil (Austin Powers), there’s a toy for every type of collector. Are you a big rock ‘n’ roll fan—grab a Led Zeplin or Aerosmith figure. Do you like watching science fiction—snag a Creature from the Black Lagoon figure!

Images taken from PixelBay

Miniature kits & supplies

There are a ton of different model kits and miniatures to shop for at Maxx Collectibles. I was particularly interested in the Star Wars Legion miniatures game and sets, as I played the original Star Wars Miniatures in 2005. They also carry the full 140 colours in the Citadel Paint range—so customize as you may.

They also have terrain and miniatures for Warhammer 40k, FantasyWarhammer, Hordes, Infinity and Malifaux.

Images taken from PixelBay and Maxx Collectibles site

Store Events

There’s always something fun going on at Maxx Collectibles—last weekend was no exception! Here are some fun events that take place at the storefront on a regular basis.

Saturdays & Sundays in the Cave

Weekly in-store tournaments for Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Vanguard!

Model Painting seminars

Hosted by Jeff Burns of the Manitoba Model Soldier Society. Takes place on the 3rd Saturday of every month at 1 PM.

Story time

Back in 2005, I spent a lot of my time and flyer delivery job money on Star Wars Miniatures. I bought 90% of my collection from Maxx Collectibles, who always loved unboxing sets/boosters at the store. I remember the excitement of opening a small, rectangular booster box one day and seeing Darth Maul on a speederbike land on the table of the shop—it’s a rare miniature!

Maxx Collectibles also hosted Star Wars Miniatures tournaments at Deer Lodge Community centre back in 2005. I remember attending numerous events where the prize was a small, rectangular booster box! One tournament, a kid pulled a super rare Darth Vader miniature that blew the owner away. It’s a memory i’ll never forget.

Event hours

May 28/29

Assiniboia Downs
3975 Portage Ave R3K 2E8
WINNIPEG, Manitoba
 (204) 885-3330

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