La Taqueria Tacos

La Taqueria's front sign

Traditional Mexican
Tacos in Winnipeg

New taco shop La Taqueria serves
tacos al pastor and more!

About La Taqueria

After starting out in a food truck in the summer month of July last year, La Taqueria Mexican Street Tacos in Winnipeg, Manitoba quickly took off.

Now with a storefront location on Ness Avenue, La Taqueria is ready to serve Winnipeggers traditional Mexican style tacos ALL year-round.

Stop in for pick-up or for an intimate dine-in option.

La Taqueria food menu in Winnipeg Manitoba

La Taqueria’s Food Menu

There are tons of traditional and authentic Mexican dishes to try at La Taqueria. I went for the manager’s recommendation and got the Tres Amigos (which is one of each taco). The tacos al pastor was by far my favourite.

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What are Tacos Al Pastor?

“Tacos Al Pastor” translates to shepherd style! Although it derives from Mexico, the cooking style is inherently Lebanese.

La Taqueria’s Al Pastor is vegan and features mushroom, onions, pineapple, traditional al pastor sauce, cilantro, and habanero salsa.

2 responses to “La Taqueria Tacos”

  1. Our Al Pastor is our mushroom taco. La Cochinita is our pork taco. : )


    1. I totally mixed this up!! I’ve added the change to the website :)!


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