Festival Du Voyageur

Group of people standing outdoors in front of a red trailer with live music.

Wander Winnipeg’s Guide to Festival Du Voyageur

Shining a spotlight on things to do and see in Winnipeg.

Festival Prices

Ticket Prices (3H time slots)

  • Kid (5/under) $5
  • Youth (6-17) $10
  • Adult (18+) $15

Parking Prices

  • Parking Lot $10
  • Street Parking FREE

Skip the line and buy online!

Festival Du Voyageur Ticket and parking prices

What to do at Festival Du Voyageur

Interactive booths

Learn about the Voyageurs through interactive
re-enactments. Spark a conversation and ask some questions.

Catch outdoor performances from 1-3 or 8-10 around Festival Du Voyageurs’ new artist trailer!


No need to bring a sled, there are dozens to choose from before you make your descent down Festival Du Voyageurs’ giant sled ramp.

Capitalize on the cold weather and admire a collection of awesome snow sculptures in an open outdoor gallery.

Maple syrup taffy

A true Festival Du Voyageur experience isn’t complete without a popsicle stick of frozen maple syrup taffy on a bed of packed snow. It’s worth it for $4!

How to Stay Warm

1. Layer up

Dress in layers to retain body heat. Long underwear and sweatpants fit nicely underneath jeans and sweatshirts.

2. Use fire pits

Warm-up at one of the dozens of fire pits spread throughout the Festival Du Voyageur grounds.

3. Visit tents

Stop and shop inside one of the heated tents.

4. Drink something hot

Festival Du Voyageur has plenty of hot chocolate and coffee to drink throughout Voyageur Park.

When and Where is Festival Du Voyageur?


866 Rue St. Joseph (Parc Du Voyageur)
in Winnipeg, Manitoba


February 18-27, 2022

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