Bronuts Donuts & Coffee

Front door entrance with Bronuts logo above door

Delicious Winnipeg

Bronuts Donuts

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About Bronuts Donuts

Bronuts Donuts employees DONUT mess around. They’re up at 3 AM every morning to prepare fresh dough for their delicious donut creations. Bronuts Donuts prepares artisanally handmade donuts in Winnipeg that stretch the boundaries of traditional flavours. Owners and brothers Dylan and Brett Zahari opened the Winnipeg donut shop in 2015, after experimenting with their dough recipe 90 different ways. Everything at Bronuts is made from scratch, from their diverse jam and custard fillers, to the sweet and sometimes salty icing.

“Donuts. Is there anything they can’t do?”

Matt Groening – Creator of the Simpsons

Order for Valentine’s Day

Bronuts Donuts offers a few different Valentine’s Day packages to choose from in 2022. Pre-orders can be made for pickup between February 11 – 14, 2022.

Valentine Themed Donut Packages

Donut You Know,
I Love You!

Donuts shaped like letters that spell I love you next to wrapped chocolate candy hearts

Pink chocolate donuts in the shape of letters spelling “I Love You”!

6 donuts $25.00

I Like You
a “Hole” Lot

Chocolate and heart-shaped donuts inside a box.

An assortment of dark & white chocolate Valentine-themed donuts.

6 donuts $25.00

I’m Donuts
About You

Heart-shaped donuts inside a box next to a rose.

Heart-shaped donuts with the iconic sweetheart sayings.

6 donuts $25.00

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Raspberry iced donut topped with oreo cookies, sitting on a red and white paper wrapper
Arnold the donut

Arnold is a delightful twist on Cookies N’ Cream that boasts a sweet raspberry icing topped with an oreo cookie crumble. Arnold is vegan-friendly!

Weekly Specials!

Bronuts Donuts whips up new donuts every week to feature as a weekly special! So far, they’ve created over 100 different donut flavours and varieties. Make sure to subscribe to their email list for a weekly update on the newest donut.

Bronuts Donut Daily Menu

Price per donut is $4

  • Peter (Strawberry Cheesecake Eclair)
  • Steven (White Chocolate Ganache with Strawberry Drizzle)
  • George (Blueberry Lemon Fritter)
  • Louise (Vegan) (Ferro Rocher)
  • Jack (Mulled Red Wine with Apple Jam Filling)
  • SamWise (Dark Chocolate Ganache with Caramel Drizzle & Homemade Potatoe Chips)
  • Peggy (Dark Cherry Shortcake)
Event hours

May 28/29

Assiniboia Downs
3975 Portage Ave R3K 2E8
WINNIPEG, Manitoba
 (204) 885-3330

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