5 Winnipeg Hot Sauces

5 glass containers with hot sauces in a horizontal row.

5 Sizzling Winnipeg Hot Sauces

My Hot Sauce Review Video!


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When winter in Winnipeg hits, some throw on a parka, flick on the heat or wrap up in a blanket. Some may even find warmth from a glass of whiskey. Cocooning under the covers with an Old Fashioned is nice, but there is a messier and spicier way to stay warm this winter – hot sauce.

The hotter is usually the better. Well, at least for me. Now, I’m no hot sauce expert, but I have been dubbed a heatonist by friends and family for my tolerance to the sizzling sauce. When it comes to Winnipeg hot sauce, you’ve actually got more choice than you think. Although this sample doesn’t include ALL the Winnipeg made hot sauces you can find, it does showcase a lineup of my favourites!

Check out the descriptions below and the sampling video I recorded for TikTok.

glass container of sweet baby jaybles hot sauce

1. Sweet Baby Jaybles Hot Sauce

Buy at the King’s Head Pub

Sweet Baby Jaybles Hot Sauce isn’t screeching hot, but it does have a great balance of kick and sweetness.

This sauce pairs well with eggs/hashbrowns for breakfast or tossed together with a pound of wings for dinner.

Find this hot sauce at King’s Head Pub, at 125 King Street.

Created by @jabyles_theguy.

“The subculture of hot sauce is so fascinating and unique.”

Sean Evans – host of Hot Ones
glass container of tasty heats ghost tomato scotch bonnet hot sauce

2. Tasty Heat’s Magma Hot Sauce

Buy at Tastyheat.com

Tasty Heat’s Magma hot sauce has a great kick at the start which fades after a few seconds. The tomato adds a bit of substance and sweetness, but overall it’s mostly just the flavour of ghost and scotch bonnet peppers!

Tasty Heat’s has a great mix of hot sauces that target both experienced and beginner-level hot sauce lovers.

Find this hot sauce at Family Foods, 1881 Portage Avenue, or online at Tastyheat.com.

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glass container of tasty heats ghost/habanero pepper, fruits, and whiskey hot sauce

3. Tasty Heat’s Sunny Hot Sauce

Buy at Tastyheat.com

This Sunny hot sauce from Tasty Heat’s was definitely a lot spicier. The habanero pepper mixed with the ghost pepper added a more noticeable afterburn that slowly crept into my mouth.

I did enjoy the addition of sweet fruit extract and whiskey, which made this much sweeter than the previous sauce.

Find this sauce at Family Foods, 1881 Portage Avenue or online at Tastyheat.com.

glass container of fat iguana carolina reaper hot sauce

4. Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce

Buy Fat Iguana Kitchen Hot Sauce here

This sauce has a noticeable bite, so BEWARE entry level hot sauce connoisseurs. Packed with carolina reapers, smoked ancho, and chipotle peppers, this hot sauce will leave your mouth zinging.

I love how the base of this sauce is pineapple and brown sugar. It adds a lovely sweetness that does cut a lot of the burn from the carolina reaper. For those who don’t know, the carolina reaper is the second hottest pepper in the world. It reigns in at 1,000,000 + scoville heat units!

I stumbled upon this company at the Charleswood Beer Market near their checkout counter. I also have their moruga scorpion sauce, which is quit good too! Entry level hot sauce lovers might enjoy their strawberry lime serrano hot sauce.

glass container of bright red hot sauce from cold mikes.

5. Magic Bird’s Cold Mike’s Hot Sauce

Buy Cold Mike’s hot sauce

The angry bird on the label of this bottle should already be a clear warning that this sauce means business. This sauce hits HARD with carolina reapers and scotch bonnet peppers, but levels out with notes of ginger and honey.

By far, this is one of my favourite sauces on the list.

Find this hot sauce at Magic Bird Fried Chicken/The Handsome Daughter, 61 Sherbrook Street.

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